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DOC and United Indians Join Forces to Improve Tribal Religious Programs for Native Offenders

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American Indian religious practices for incarcerated offenders has often been an area of concern. Recently the Department of Corrections and United Indians of All Tribes Foundation partnered to improve the matters.

The partnership will provide offenders with religious support and resources that can continue after incarceration. This commitment will be issued to the 12 prisons in Washington State where the United Tribes will provide input on the DOC policy and educate the prison systems about Indian culture and religious expectations.

“This partnership will enable the Department to more effectively and efficiently meet the religious requirements and cultural needs of the Native community while maintaining staff and offender safety,” said Secretary Eldon Vail. “The benefit is that offenders can safely practice their spiritual beliefs while gaining a deeper understanding of their cultural heritage and commitments.”

Through the effort offenders will gain a greater sense of who they are and hopefully transition more seamlessly into the community with improved resources that will make our communities safer according to the press release.

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