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Diné College Women Archers Win National Championship

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The United States Intercollegiate Archery Championships were held at James Madison University on May 19-22. The Diné College team, comprised of Janice Wilson, Tiffany Sandoval, and Samantha Yessith, faced Long Beach, UC Berkeley, and finally Texas A&M in the finals.

Underdogs throughout the competition, with team member Sandoval only having a few months of archery under her built, the team beat Texas A&M in the finals, 210-207. Not only did they win the National Championship, Janice Wilson took home the prestigious Women's Company All American and Women's Academic All American titles.

"Janice Wilson, Samantha Yessilth, and Tiffany Sandoval are this year's USIAC 's Female National Compound Champions who faced some of the toughest collegiate archery teams but, when it came down to competition time there was no doubt that these girls were ready for it," said team coach, Fray Gray, to the Navajo-Hopi Observer. Facing against Long Beach, UC-Berkley and in the end defeating Texas A & M for the championship, the girls did a tremendous job of representing Diné College. Janice Wilson and Samantha Yessilth shot as true champions with talent and years of experience, where as Tiffany Sandoval with only months of shooting archery was able to contribute veteran skills to the competition and showed amazing composure when it came down to every arrow she made count."

For more information, visit the team's website here.

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