Did CNN Need to Apologize for This Racist Segment? 25,000 Said Yes

Thousands demanded an apology for this insensitive CNN report on Prince William's New Zealand visit, and Jeanne Moos has given one -- sort of.

What might have been some fluffy news reporting on a royal visit to New Zealand turned ugly last week, and Internet users let CNN know they expect better from an international news organization.

In the "Royal Bummer" clip below, CNN reporter Jeanne Moos chooses to criticize a Maori representative's traditional dress as not fit for a meeting with Prince William and Kate Middleton, musing "Is that any way to welcome a future king and queen?" She goes on to recall another report that described a traditional Maori greeting as a "cross between a Chippendale's lap dance and the mating dance of the emu."

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A petition for a public apology from CNN was posted to Change.org seeking 25,000 signatures, a goal that was met. Earlier today, Moos apologized publicly, or at least made a statement. "I do humour and satire, and I am truly sorry if the tone of my story offended anyone," she said, according to a Radio Australia report. Jay Everett, the organizer of the online petition called the apology "lackluster," adding "She didn't actually apologize for the content of her report, rather the tone and if people took offense to her tone."

Here's the video -- did it warrant an apology (and did Moos actually give one)?