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Derek Miller; 'Music is the Medicine'; Rising star from the north

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Derek Miller - disheveled yet stylishly neat in his retro
pin-striped suit - eyes the crowd before him at Milwaukee's Indian Summer
Festival. Suddenly, as if struck by lightening, he launches into a stellar
two-minute guitar solo with such carefree exuberance that it leaves
audience members in a daze, wondering what just happened.

How appropriate then that a wry grin should cross Miller's face, for this
performance is being delivered at one of the largest gatherings of American
Indians in the nation. His large brown eyes reflect the setting sun as his
phenomenal guitar riffs continue to amaze the audience.

Miller hails from the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario. He has been playing
music for 14 years, gathering the admiration of fellow musicians Robbie
Robertson, Buffy St. Marie and countless music critics.

Miller handles his guitar with a strumming, finger-picking style that has
earned him numerous awards on the Canadian and American scene in the past
few years. Striking and original, his maturity belies his youth. In his
finely honed tenor-spliced-with-a-growl of a voice, Miller delivers a
knockout punch, segueing neatly into "Music Is The Medicine", his latest
offering from the CD of the same name.

Miller has been touring to support the release of "Music is the Medicine."
He is backed by Ken Hoover on bass and Sean Kilbride on drums. The power
trio performs with boundless energy.

"It's great to be performing in the states. We hope our music reaches the
masses here - so far the year has been very good for us," Miller said after
the Indian Summer Fest set. Their awards continue to collect and deservedly

Catch Miller's phenomenal live show at the NMAI opening festivities. For
more information and samples of his music, visit