Department of Labor Announces $60M in Grants Available for Native Employment Services


On March 15, the United States Department of Labor announced that about $60 million in grants for employment and training services would be available through the Workforce Investment Act’s Section 166 – Indian and Native American Programs (INAP) – according to a DOL press release.

The monies will be available to American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities to develop academic, occupational, and literacy skills of individuals for the purpose of making them more competitive in the workforce. The grants will be administered in accordance with the community’s own goals and values.

“Tribal communities have an important role to play in our improving economy,” said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis in the release. “The programs funded by the grants announced [March 15] will provide vital training for workers and youth in order to enhance the economic development of these communities.”

The announcement of the grants is the latest reflection of the Obama administration’s commitment to expanding employment in Indian country. The DOL plans to award a total of 178 grants with approximately $47.5 million designated for adult programs and $12.4 million for youth programs according to the release.

The funding and program comes from Section 166 of the Workforce Investment Act dedicated to improving the lives of Native American adults and youth through competitive two-year grant awards to tribes, tribal organizations, Alaska Native entities, Indian-controlled organizations and Native Hawaiian organizations the press release states.

For information on applying for a grant visit here.

Those interested are encouraged to review the resources the DOL has available online in regards to applying for a grant – including “Grant Applications 101,” here.