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Denzel Washington Says 'Washington' not 'Redskins' During Interview

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Denzel Washington does not appear to be a fan of the Washington football team’s name.

While promoting his new movie The Equalizer, Washington was asked by movie reviewer Kevin McCarthy about Redskins Quarterback RG III, and this dialogue ensued:

“You know RGIII, the quarterback for the Redskins, right?” McCarthy asked.

“The quarterback for who?” Denzel Washington with a cheeky grin.

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“The Redskins,” McCarthy said. “Washington Redskins.”

“Washington,” Washington said correcting McCarthy.

“Oh, we can’t say the name anymore, I know,” McCarthy said to Washington who started laughing. “I know. I know … “

Could Washington’s response break the mold for how Hollywood’s A-listers think about the team's name? That is yet to be seen. But, while we wait, watch this: