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Dennis 'Stalking Cat' Avner Dead at 54

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Dennis Avner, the body-modification enthusiast known to many as Cat Man, died last week at the age of 54. Avner, of Lakota and Huron heritage, was famous for having changed his appearance with tattoos, implants, and surgeries and other accessories that included contact lenses, custom-made teeth, and false whiskers. He also was known to wear a large prosthetic tail. His reason for such extreme modifications, he said, was a Native tradition. According to Shannon Larratt, who posted about Avner's death at BME (Body Modification E-zine), Avner "identified strongly with his feline totem animals and in what he told me was a Huron traditional of actually adopting the physical form of ones totem, he transformed himself not just into a tiger, but a female tiger at that."

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