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Democrats announce 'Native Americans for Kerry-Edwards'

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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - John Kerry gained the endorsement of American Indians
across the nation, including current and former chairpersons of tribes, as
he launched the "Native Americans for Kerry-Edwards" campaign.

During a campaign swing through New Mexico and Arizona, Kerry focused on
the Kerry-Edwards plan to strengthen Indian country and announced the
campaign's "Native Americans for Kerry-Edwards" program. In a sign that the
Kerry-Edwards' plan for America is resonating throughout the country,
Native American tribal and community leaders voiced their support by
endorsing the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

"I am proud to receive the endorsement of tribal and community leaders from
around the country," Kerry said in a press release. "Our Native Americans
for Kerry-Edwards effort continues to grow every day and these leaders will
play a critical role in helping to energize, organize and mobilize the
Native American community as we head towards Nov. 2."

The goal of Native Americans for Kerry-Edwards is to build a grass-roots
operation to engage the Native American community and recruit volunteers.
The program already has state coordinators in key battleground states
including Minnesota, New Mexico and Washington state and will expand in the
coming weeks.