The Deep State Civil War

Is the Trump administration on the wrong side of a Deep State conspiracy? Depends on who you ask.

A few months ago, we saw an apparent civil war in the government between the Globalist faction (CIA) backing candidate Hillary Clinton and the Homeland faction (FBI) backing president-elect Trump. Now leaks about the Russian election hacks have turned into leaks about contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia. These contacts could’ve been courtesy calls, but it has been overshadowed by the Trump regime’s covering up and pressuring FBI and “high-up contacts” in intelligence agencies to “knock these reports down.” Having gotten a “No” from the FBI, Trump surrogates went out to “trivialize” or “normalize” these contacts to the “rotten, dishonest media.”

Now prominent Republicans are coming out to say an independent investigation is needed, Attorney General Sessions is recusing himself and there are continued calls for Trump’s tax returns to be part of the Russia investigation. I can speculate, maybe there were plans to develop joint US-Russia oil and gas projects and grow their spheres of influence, while benefiting the kleptocracies and oligarchies of both nations. There may have already been money laundering and transfers of wealth. Perhaps it was part of a power play to counter China, Iran and strike the Islamic State. Using conflicts around the world and the war on “terrorism” to set the stage for more contracts, profits and plunder.


We now see clues suggesting that “Citizen Trump” would never have been granted a security clearance, yet he now resides (part-time) in the White House, with alleged neo-Nazis and white supremacists that maintain contacts with foreign fascist movements through Breitbart News. Stealth-President Stephen Bannon, allegedly quit the right wing “fake-news” outlet but at CPAC, Conservative Political Action Conference, he openly said “We at Breitbart…” and no one at Breitbart is willing to show proof that he has officially left.

Retired Admiral William McRaven, who is the University of Texas System Chancellor, criticized the Bannon and Trump regime’s attack that the media is the enemy of the people. McRaven said in comments at… the Communication and Leadership Speaker Series at the University of Texas, “This sentiment may be the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime.” McRaven, was the first Navy SEAL at cabinet level, credited with organizing and overseeing the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, and who went on to lead the JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command). He kept hitting home that communication was the hallmark of a great leader. “If you want to be a leader that communicates greatly, or if you want to be a communicator that leads, at the end of the day it is about courage.” A few days later, Ex-President George W. Bush contributed this, "I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy.”

“Shadow Government” and “Deep State” are conspiratorial terms that are now out in the open, along with “Continuity of Government” (COG) as a hidden process or an internal structural “default.” The JFK assassination and Warren Commission were early indicators of these terms but what is relevant today is the 9/11 event when VP Dick Cheney invoked “COG” and took command inside the White House after sending away Justice Department officials to bunkers elsewhere while President Bush remained in Florida. Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld had written up the COG plan in 1982 under President Reagan. Oliver North, National Security advisor Robert McFarlane and the National Security Council operated a shadow government operation with the Iran-Contra affair. North helped to write this up, “the plans envisaged suspension of the Constitution, turning control of the government over to the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA], emergency appointment of military commanders to run state and local governments and declaration of martial law during a national crisis."

As for the Deep State arguments, some contend leaks are used to marginalize Trump or damage him politically, which could end with him being replaced. This could be a lateral coup instigated by the deepest state intelligence officials who have been at this their whole careers. Then there are Deep State Globalists who project American hegemony regardless of political party. It’s the business-as-usual philosophy, upholding hegemony while saluting the flag and moving economic or military chess pieces around the world.

Others say Trump was the result of an element inside the Deep State, but again as a useful fool for their agenda, to make the struggle look like conservative-liberal social warfare. But this cabal is a white nationalist faction of a transnational global elite. As “America Is Becoming Great Again”, there are other fascist movements gaining strength worldwide, to upend “messy” (inclusionary) democracy for “pure” (exclusionary) nationalistic goals. The whole concept of free and open democracies is now at risk, starting in America which claims to have invented it. Instead we now get an Empire that acts like thugs and bullies around the world with a face of intolerance and aggression. What happened to the America of myth and legend? American Exceptionalism replaced by Fortress America? Or was this America all along?


Now the seemingly “Homeland” FBI is resisting Trump. This is where the Watergate analogy comes in but back then the democratic institutions that countered executive authority were respected. Stealth-President Bannon and Sock-Puppet Trump are intent on destroying the democratic institutions that act as checks and balances, even as Congress looks away and people protest every day. In an endless political campaign, the media has been discredited, the judicial system attacked, Police Unions encouraged to go hardline and to expect their military gear back, and now racists feel free to strike with impunity. Individual acts of terrorism or hate-crimes by whites and uber-patriotic Americans have increased with not a word from Trump. Americans who voted for him may not like all that’s happening but they are waiting to see if the promises he gave out like candy can end up helping them. That wait may be a long one, by design.

Trump has opened the gates to a Fascist State, but the agenda is being propagated by his advisors who are telling him “the People Will Love It,” exactly which people is the issue. Is it white nationalists who want power or the citizenry which has been told that white people have been betrayed and Christianity is oppressed? Again something from the Nazi or dictator playbook. The push back from the institutions to this right wing agenda is showing us some much needed light even as they are closing the borders and damaging the country’s alliances and ethical standing.

At CPAC Bannon talked about “deconstructing the administrative state” which means dismantling the governance of society and seemingly replacing it with edicts and dictates. He jokingly refers to this dismantling of government by calling himself a “Leninist”, yet Lenin and the Russian Revolution came to define modern terrorism. How long will Trump’s ex-generals on his staff put up with this behavior?

The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex is its own Deep State, as is the intelligence community which has 17 surveillance and intelligence gathering agencies. The military command has already conceded climate change, projecting future conflicts over water, food, resources, population, migrants and borders. Strategic resources, critical minerals, and the Fossil Fuel industry are all needed to run the war machine which has become highly technological. The old systems of left and right, conservative and liberal have both tried and failed. The end of oil and gas is here now with peak production and drilling for more will only hasten the end. Renewable energy, technology and human intelligence will end the stranglehold of fossil fuels and this scares some elements of the Deep State. We can now see they are at war with each other here and around the world. Governments, corporations, corruption, criminals have become interchangeable.

The economy is slow, growth is stagnant, the climate is changing, the earth is changing and they are all inter-connected. People can live comfortably without profits. There is no real crime wave and hooligans or thugs are not running rampant, there is no breakdown of society, yet. But civil discourse has also changed, it will become extinct if it is not practiced. Altruism, compassion, co-operation, the traits that made us human may also be on the line. There is only one planet and if we don’t take care of it, the earth can heal itself by testing our will to survive.

It is a frightening time but these giants of the economy and military and politics are also frightened and have grabbed at power thinking they can force the earth to deliver yet more profits and force people to consume relentlessly. It could well be the last grasp of the bloody old men we are witnessing. #Resist #Persist #PlantSeeds

Alex Jacobs, Mohawk, is a visual artist and poet living in Santa Fe.