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Decision on Potawatomi recall is delayed

MAYETTA, Kan. - There will be no decision made by the tribal council on the petition recall of Prairie Band of Potawatomi Chairwoman Mamie Rupnicki until after Sept. 30, a spokesman at tribal headquarters said.

Although there are more than 300 signatures are on the petition, no specific charges have been made.

Rupnicki filed an injunction to stop the proceedings until a process to validate signatures is in place.

"I still don't know even what the charges are," Rupnicki said in an exclusive interview. She said she filed for injunctive relief after finding there is no process in place to validate signatures on the recall petition.

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A special meeting called by the tribal council to discuss the recall petition Sept. 9 was canceled until the tribal court can rule.

Rupnicki has taken sick leave until Sept. 30.

Those contacted at the Potawatomi headquarters in Mayetta declined to comment.