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'Deception On All Accounts: A Sadie Walela Mystery' by Sara Sue Hoklotubbe

TUCSON, Ariz. - Sadie Walela is a small town bank teller in Oklahoma trying to advance her career when she breaks a rule and pays the ultimate price. Walela unsuspectingly breaks policy by entering the bank alone and one of her young co-workers is murdered. Walela is forced to confront a world filled with violence, corruption and prejudice as she seeks truth and justice. "Deception on All Accounts" hopefully the first in a series of Sara Sue Hoklotubbe's Sadie Walela mysteries, is a rich and multi-layered suspense thriller.

Appearances are deceiving as Walela, drawing on the spiritual strength of her Cherokee heritage, becomes a suspect in the robbery and is subsequently cleared. Along the way she is joined by a compelling and meticulously drawn cast of characters: her prejudiced employer, a homeless man she befriends, a handsome businessman who becomes her lover and her vengeful ex-husband, who was just released from prison on a murder rap.

The novel is more than just a mystery though. It is also about a community, ravaged by violence and filled with its own prejudices, that must come together to survive and overcome tragedy. Walela, a blue-eyed Cherokee woman, is able to overcome the adversity she faces at every turn by relying on the strength of culture and her tenacious independence. Her friendships with the homeless man named Happy, a little girl struck with cancer nicknamed Soda Pop and Charlie McCord - a sensitive police sergeant stuck in a loveless marriage are vignettes of human compassion and honesty that stand out in contrast to the duplicity that surrounds her.

Sadie Walela is a protagonist that we will want to revisit again and again even after we uncover the truth beyond the deception. "Deception on All Accounts" is a tangled web of intrigue that will grip you from start to finish.

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Sara Sue Hoklotubbe is one of the first Native American women ever to publish a mystery. A Cherokee by birth, she worked in the banking industry for more than 21 years and is a member of both the Mystery Writers of America and Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers.

For more information on this book, contact the University of Arizona Press at, call (520) 621-1441 or write 355 S. Euclid, Ste. 103, Tuscon, AZ 85719.