Dear Gov. Parnell

As the NAACP legal redress chairperson, I have become aware of many racial problems within our communities that are truly disconcerting. Many of these problems we dealt with during the 60s and 70s. But as you are aware the laws set perimeters and guidelines to operate legally, however, if one has not had a rebirth or a change in their heart, attitudes die hard.

In the state of Alaska, black, minorities and Natives are underrepresented in state government. Complaints filed with the Alaska Human Rights Commission are rarely investigated in a timely manner, and justice delayed is usually justice denied. Once a complaint of discrimination has been filed, the complainants are retaliated against because they filed a protected activity against the state and then are black balled for complaining about the unlawful employment practices.

When individuals attempt exhausting available remedies and complain at the state Ombudsman’s Office it takes another four to six years to get the results of the Human Rights investigation, if ever. Herein is the reason for my letter.

I am requesting an audit on both the Alaska State Human Rights and Ombudsman’s Office, the number of cases filed, length of time it takes to resolve complaints, and how many discrimination complaints are resolved with substantial findings, and to resolve the reason for the delays.

Congratulations and the very best wishes in your new role as governor.

– Donna J. Brooks, chair

NAACP Legal Redress

Anchorage, Alaska