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David Beckham’s Son, Brooklyn Beckham posts Native in Headdress Tattoo on Instagram

Brooklyn Beckham gets serious backlash after posting his first tattoo on Instagram - It's a Native American man in a Headdress Tattoo

The son of famous soccer player David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham, just celebrated his 18th birthday last month. He decided to get his first tattoo of a Native American man in a Plains-style headdress. The tattoo is causing a massive amount of controversy on his Instagram account.

Brooklyn Beckham's father David Beckham is known for his extensive tattoos.

On a few of his recent Instagram posts, Brooklyn Beckham, who has 9.6 million followers, explains that he is using the same tattoo artist and family friend that his father uses.


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In the Instagram posts, Brooklyn Beckham shared several photos of himself getting the tattoo of the chief with the Plains-style headdress.

Though many of the comments come to Beckham’s defense, some are not so forgiving:One comment: People ain't never gonna understand. Until it's a white soldier with a Purple Heart tattooed on his arm, they won't care. As long as we are only shown as mascots, and we are only shown as savages who died in the past, they don't care. This is a privileged boy who has probably never met an Indigenous person in his life.Another comment: Native American is a human being, not an object or caricature - Certainly not a fish or a cherry tree. I'm not arguing for or against atm but you have to see that there is a big difference.Another comment in support:That's a really nice tattoo and natives all around the world would be happy Brooklyn Beckham's only comment in regards to the outpouring of commentary has been thus: “Honoured to have my first tattoo done by dad’s friend Mark Mahoney” Follow Vincent Schilling (Akwesasne Mohawk) - ICMN’s Arts and Entertainment, Pow Wows and Sports Editor - Follow @VinceSchilling