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Dan Snyder’s Stuck In Past: FedEx Field Dumping Old Beer on Fans

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Deadspin reported on Friday that Dan Snyder’s Washington’s NFL franchise is allegedly selling expired beer from the 2014 FIFA World Cup to fans during home games at FedEx Field.

Ball Hogs Radio first noticed old beer was being sold mid-September, and then, a few weeks later, on September 25, Tom Robinson of DC Sports Bog noticed that he was drinking from an expired bottle of Budweiser. He tweeted out a picture of the bottle that was from June of this year, and said, “Mmm not sick yet so not to slunky…I hope.”

The vice president of brewing and supply from Anheuser-Busch released this statement to the Washington Post about their expired cans:

“Brewmasters around the world will tell you the fresher the beer the better the taste. This is because beer is a food product, made of all-natural ingredients. Freshness is one of the most critical elements affecting the taste of beer and its drinkability. At Anheuser-Busch, we work hard to ensure our customers receive the freshest beer available… We are working closely with the wholesaler and retailer regarding this instance.”

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In 2006, Snyder’s concessions were busted for selling expired peanuts to fans  from Independence Air, a company which had gone out of business.

And those concessions aren’t the only things horribly out of date What about your team’s name, Mr. Snyder?