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Dakota 38 Ride Begins

Today marks the beginning of the 330-mile Dakota 38 Memorial Ride from the Lower Brule Reservation to the site of an 1862 mass hanging in Minnesota.
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“What a beautiful beginning, the riders circled the children and made prayers for our upcoming generations. Riders from many Dakota nations arrived, so humbling,” was the caption Dakota 38 put on its Facebook page to mark the beginning of their 330-mile journey.

The ride began with a vision—the vision of Jim Miller, an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River, and descendant of the Dakotas who were displaced after a mass hanging on December 26, 1862. Miller dreamed of a series of horseback rides that would bring Dakota people together, raise awareness of the impact that event still has on the Dakota people, and to bring reconciliation to all people of the area.

The 330-mile journey begins at the Lower Brule Indian Reservation and ends at the site of the mass hanging in Mankato, Minnesota at Reconciliation Park on December 26.