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Custer’s deadly ego

One more tidbit on “Yellow Hair” Custer: He was a 37-year-old who was egocentric and self-centered. He was into his own interests and self-fulfillment and vanity. The Civil War puffed him up; it was a big high for him. This is why he took a shellacking in 1876.

Because of his egotistic view, a lot of soldiers were killed.

According to the one-hour History Channel program, his self-fulfillment and vanity was noted. Also, Ferguson led his troops in first at the 1876 battle. Custer came upon the knoll and saw Ferguson’s men and Sioux in battle and then he joined. He wasn’t at the wrong place at the right time; Custer wanted this battle and actually thought he could win it. He would then be ranked as a general – he didn’t quite make it. His horse, Comanche, lived through it all.

On another note, I viewed all of the “We Shall Remain” series and thought it was very informative and should be televised every year. Keep it out there – a good history film; truthful.

– Pat Denison

Cobleskill, N.Y.