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Crow Student Puts Education Dreams First

Little Big Horn College student puts her education dreams first and encourages Native American students to retain their Native language and culture.
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Little Big Horn College (LBHC) student Heather Amyotte is juggling family, school and extra-curricular activities, but focusing on her education is what’s most important to her right now.

“I’ve always had other dreams that I still believe can come true, but I’m focusing on my education right now so I can provide for my family,” she told LBHC.

She is majoring in pre-med and chose a tribal college “because I have a lot more support here with my studies.”

She says balancing her schoolwork and extracurricular activities is “exhausting, but somehow I make it work. No matter what my son comes first,” she told LBHC.

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Her extracurricular activities include the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), Indian Club, Leadership Seminar and community service.

She has a leader’s attitude when it comes to classes too. She says she sits in the front row “because I want to get the most out of my education, and no leader sits in the back.”

Her future education plans include attending the University of Montana so she can graduate from pharmacy school and return to the reservation to help her community.

She advises other Native American students to “know your culture and language. It’s who you are.”