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Crow Canyon Archaeological Center scholarships available for American Indian teens

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CORTEZ, Colo. – Full scholarships are available for American Indian students who attend the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center’s summer archaeology camps or field school in Cortez, Colo. These programs offer opportunities for students to learn about the cultural chronology of the Four Corners area, participate in archaeological field and laboratory work and visit archaeological sites. Any American Indian student from any tribe in the United States can apply.

Scholarships will be awarded for High School Field School, a three-week program to be held July 5 – 25; High School Archaeology Camp, a one-week program held July 26 – Aug. 1; and Middle School Archaeology Camp, a one-week introduction to archaeology held June 21 – 27.

The scholarships are provided by Crow Canyon and cover the full cost of tuition and room and board for the program. Scholarship recipients will be responsible for their own travel costs.

Students enrolled in Crow Canyon programs will work on ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) sites within the Goodman Point Unit of Hovenweep National Monument. They will excavate these sites, uncover ancestral Pueblo artifacts, and analyze materials in the laboratory. In accordance with Crow Canyon’s human remains policy and current research design, the center does not seek out human remains as objects of study.

Contact Debra Miller for application information at (970) 564-4346 or (800) 422-8975, ext. 146, or e-mail her at