Crisis or opportunity?

I have never written to a newspaper editor before, and so find this experience both exciting and scary. I am not a Native American but do hail from South Dakota.

The other day while listening to the television newscaster attempt to explain and report on the current financial mess on Wall Street (the $700 billion bailout, to be exact) a wild and crazy thought zipped through my brain and made me laugh out loud. I shared it with my family, who enjoyed the laugh as much as I. So now I am going to share it with you. It is shared with both a laugh and an “I wonder what would happen if they really did this?” sort of sigh.

In spite of what many Americans may think or believe, many of our country’s businesses and properties are owned by other countries – China, Saudi Arabia, England, Japan, etc. The late spring/early summer cash supplements everyone received was money loaned to us by China. And now we have a $700 billion mess that “just happened” and nobody knows anything about it or how it happened.

And while many Native Americans struggle with poverty and a number of reservations struggle to pay their debts, there are some who – perhaps through casinos – are doing quite well.

So, what would happen if the Native Americans quietly started buying back America?

– Linda Davis
Elizabeth City, N.C.