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Cowlitz win shellfish in WNBA championship bet

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UNCASVILLE, CONN. - Five cases of Mohegan shellfish are on their way to the
Cowlitz Tribe of Washington state to settle a bet on the Women's National
Basketball Championships.

Mohegan Chairman Mark Brown, whose tribe owns the Connecticut Sun team,
made the wager with Cowlitz Chairman John Barnett, who championed the
nearby Seattle Storm. The Storm beat the Sun for the WNBA title in two
hard-fought home games in Seattle's Key Arena.

Barnett bet his own tribe's specialty, smoked salmon, against Connecticut
oysters, products of the Mohegan Tribe's aquaculture business. Barnett
promised Brown: "We'll arrange a special time during our Cowlitz General
Council meeting Nov. 6 for him to formally hand them over and admit Seattle
is the superior team."

Brown demurred on that point, and in fact, the television commentators
praised the high quality of the play between the evenly-matched teams. The
Sun won the first game of the series Oct. 8 at the sold-out Mohegan Sun
arena 68 - 64 after the lead changed eight times. The second game, in
Seatle, went 67 - 65 for the Storm, when a last three-second possession by
the Sun ended with a shot from the side by Nykesha Sales that hit the rim
and bounced out.

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The Storm led the third game 37 - 36 at halftime, but its tough tattooed
star Betty Lennox poured it on in the second half, scoring 23 points for
the game and winning most valuable player. The frustrated Sun went
scoreless for more than 12 minutes, and the Storm won 74 - 60.

The Cowlitz and the Mohegans will have plenty to discuss over their
oysters. Beyond the sports rivalry, the two tribes have a development
agreement for a Cowlitz casino planned near Vancouver, Wash., and the
Cowlitz also recently signed the Mohegans to a management contract.