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Corey Reeder chosen as dance head man

SPOKANE, Wash. - Well-known Fancy dancer Corey Reeder, Wichita/Kiowa/Navajo, will serve as head man at the 2007 National Powwow hosted by the National Museum of the American Indian.

Reeder grew up in Logan, Utah, where his parents moved when he was young because they wanted to live in the community where they had grown up. Now 25, Reeder lives in Spokane, where he is a manager for Verizon Wireless. He has three brothers and one sister.

He has been dancing from the time he learned to walk and is a consistent winner in the Fancy Dance category at pow wows across the country. He has also performed in Europe.

The head man leads the dancers out and is one of the head singers. He also leads the families around for dancers, explained Reeder, who has been serving in this capacity for a couple of years.

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Reeder explained how he was chosen for this pow wow.

''The pow wow organizers put together a committee to pick the head man and head lady; then they call you up and ask if you want to participate,'' he said, adding, ''I appreciated that they noticed my skill in dance and also my outgoing personality. I'm always greeting people. Their choice was made [on] a personal level, not just on my dance skills.''

Reeder thanks the elders who taught him along the way and, especially, his parents.