Continue Kennedy’s fight

I am and will be forever a great admirer of Teddy Kennedy for many reasons, but two stand out in recent years: His opposition to the Iraq War and his support for universal health coverage. He, while born with a silver spoon in his mouth, personified the battle to save the poor kids in this country from having to fight the rich capitalist white man’s wars.

One thing is certain: Kennedy was one of the few politicians during the past 200 years who minorities could depend on to represent our causes. If you do not know this man’s legislative history, then you have not been paying attention or you have been concentrating on the negative aspects of your life.

If nothing else, let us all make amends letting the capitalists know we will not tolerate their opposition to health care for all of us in the United States of America.

Long live Teddy Kennedy!

– Long Standing Bear Chief

Blackfoot Nation

Browning, Mont.