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Conn. ‘gem’ to close

Tucked aside, on a well beaten path just outside of the Foxwoods Casino, stands a one-of-a-kind trading post, especially for Connecticut. It’s called Frank’s Trading Post in No. Stonington and it is run by a kindhearted man, Frank Limpert, who has taken his passion to its fullest. He conducts his business with the utmost respect for Native American heritage. He works off a handshake and has gotten by without the help of the Internet or advertising for the past 20 years. His business has always been respectfully word of mouth.

Within this shop speaks Native American history and culture. It’s not commercialized and everything in there is authentic. His trades over the years have truly made his shop a gem. Furs, pelts, hides, feathers, beads, porcupine quills, deer hooves, turtle shells, leather, arrow heads, crystals and claws are just a few [items] Frank has to offer to his faithful customers.

At last, the tragedy of this story: The end of this little store’s tradition is near, and I fear the worst for this historic place. It soon will be overrun and a distant memory for the area, once Frank retires and sells it. Tears swell my eyes as I write this because it’s not common that you come upon a rare find that truly warms your soul.

This store truly is a must-see. If I could, I would keep the tradition going. But I would like to spread the word, to allow others to see this special place, to enjoy what I have for the past several years. If this little shop slips away unnoticed, it will be a tragedy.

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– Nissa LaPointe

Cumming, Ga.