Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon


They may not be able to build a casino there, but the tribes say they would purchase 30-acre Government Island in Cascade Locks for $1.9 million. Gov. John Kitzhaber refused permission for a gambling operation there in November. Tribal spokesman Warren "Rudy'' Clements said April 3 the tribes haven't decided what to do with the island. The land is part of the 10 million acres the tribes ceded to the U.S. government in the treaty of 1855. Regardless of use, the purchase will be good for Cascade Locks, said Phil Redlock, chairman of the Port of Cascade Locks Commission. The casino proposal got a warm welcome in Cascade Locks. The tribes pledged to share revenues with the city, setting aside 6 percent of casino net income an estimated $800,000 to $1.2 million a year to help finance community projects. "We're thinking of setting up a joint planning board," Clements said. "We're going to be part of that community.'' On May 28, members will vote in a tribal referendum on whether to build a casino on trust land just north of Madras. One option for the rocky Government Island is mining its rock, which would provide revenue and also ready it for any development to follow.