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Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation, Montana

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The tribes are getting a $7,000 grant from the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission to produce a 30-page book telling a portion of the expedition story through the eyes of Salish elders. The tribes say the illustrated book will tell a side of the expedition that is often ignored or misrepresented. On Sept. 4, 1805, the expedition encountered about 400 Salish who were camped on the east fork of the Bitterroot River. The band gave the Lewis and Clark expedition a dozen horses in return for seven lame horses and some small gifts, Clark wrote in his journal. He credited the exchange for later helping save expedition members, who were forced to eat the horses to survive during harsh winter weather. The tribal book will tell the story of the encounter in the words of nine Salish elders. The tribes and tribal consultants will pay a significant portion of the cost of producing the book, which is expected to total about $43,500. The $7,000 grant will pay for printing, artwork and additional editing.