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Comedy Central’s South Park Mocks Snyder’s Redskins

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If South Park says you have bad taste, then maybe it’s time to listen.

Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington NFL franchise, can seemingly shake off a mound of criticism from U.S. Senators, veteran broadcasters, Hollywood movie stars, the US Attorney General, and even the president of the United States about his team’s name, but how does it feel when a cartoon comes after you?

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Over the weekend, Comedy Central ran a South Park promo in the Washington, D.C. market debuting its upcoming season. A clip was from its premiere episode, featuring Cartman, who has opened a business called the Washington Redskins; defying the U.S. Trademark’s recent opinion that the R-word is a derogatory slur, and thus denied proper protection. In the skit, Snyder confronts Cartman about the use of his team’s name and explodes over his appropriation of it.

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Watch the clip below to find out how Cartman responds. Believe us, you’ve heard the excuses before.

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