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Comanche Boy Wins First Fight With Fourth-Round KO

Comanche Boy Wins First Fight, Knocks Logan out in Fourth Round
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Comanche Boy has tasted victory again.

Boxer George “Comanche Boy” Tahdooahnippah got a fourth-round knockout over Marteze Logan in a middleweight fight in Oklahoma City on Friday night. He was originally scheduled to fight Terrence Jones, but Jones pulled out of the fight just days before the match.

With the victory, Tahdooahnippah, who lives in Lawton, Oklahoma, and has Comanche and Choctaw ancestry, improved his record to 32-1-2. "I knew this fight was just to get me back into the win column," Tahdooahnippah said to ICTMN. "I was pretty much getting myself ready for the next fight."

His next bout has not been scheduled, but Tahdooahnippah hopes to fight again in April or May. “I don't know when or where. There are some things in the air right now,” Comanche Boy said. “I want to get back on TV, though."

For Comanche Boy, it was his first win since September of 2012. Tahdooahnippah suffered his first pro loss last February when he was downed by Delvin Rodriguez in a fight televised on ESPN's Friday Night Fights. Comanche Boy then settled for a draw versus Thomas Brown this past October.

Tahdooahnippah, 35, wants to fight for a world title. "I'm ready to climb again," he said. "And in 2014, I'm really motivated to do something big."

Randy Carr

Comanche Boy delivers a body blow to Logan during Friday's fight in Oklahoma City.

The fight on Friday included a touch of controversy in the third round. Tahdooahnippah was warned for a low blow, but he insists it was a legal body shot. Despite the warning, Comanche Boy added a similar punch to end Friday’s match.

"It was a good left hook to the body," he said. "He went down and didn't get back up."

For Tahdooahnippah, this marked the 24th knockout of his pro career. He was confident throughout the match that he would emerge as the victor.

"I was in total control," he said. "I had constant pressure on him. And I was throwing over 100 punches a round."

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