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‘Comanche Boy’ Steps Into the Ring for First Fight in 2014

‘Comanche Boy’ Steps Into the Ring for First Fight in 2014
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On Friday, George "Comanche Boy" Tahdooahnippah will step into the ring for the first time in 2014 to fight Terrence Jones in a 6-round, middleweight event in Jones' hometown of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

"I've seen some of his fights," Tahdooahnippah said of Jones. "He's a solid guy and he's got a good chin."

Comanche Boy is the heavy favorite to win. Jones, who is 43, has earned 14 victories and has suffered 16 losses. Comanche Boy’s record overall is impressive, however, 31-1-2.

"Sometimes you get to fight guys like Delvin Rodriguez and sometimes it's guys like this," Tahdooahnippah said to ICTMN. "You just have to do what you have to do."

But, Comanche Boy, 35, did not have a banner year in 2013. He fought two times and did not register a victory.

For starters he lost his first fight as a pro last February when he was defeated by Delvin Rodriguez via a sixth-round technical knockout at a fight in Connecticut. That bout was deemed the greatest of Comanche Boy's pro career, as Rodriguez had previously fought two times for a world title, a goal Tahdooahnippah has set for himself.

Tahdooahnippah, who has Comanche and Choctaw ancestry, had hoped to return to his winning ways last summer. But a proposed matchup in July fell through, so he had to settle for a draw versus Thomas Brown last fall at a fight in the Comanche Nation Casino in Tahdooahnippah's hometown of Lawton, Oklahoma.

Though Friday's fight will be in Jones' hometown, Tahdooahnippah expects a large contingent of his supporters to be on hand. Oklahoma City is only 70 miles from his home and he attracts a large crowd of Native fans to his fights.

Following his loss to Rodriguez, Tahdooahnippah realizes he'll need to register some wins against quality opponents in order to fulfill his goal of one day getting a chance to battle for a world title. But for right now, he's focused on Friday's fight and he said he’s not underestimating Jones’s abilities.

"I know I have to be prepared," he said. "You never know this might be like the last fight of his career and he's going to give it his all to have the fight of his life."

Tahdooahnippah and Jones have appeared on the same card a few times before. But since he was preparing for his own fights those nights, Comanche Boy has never watched Jones fight live. But, he's been preparing for Friday's fight by watching some of his previous fights on Youtube.

"I just have to fight smart,” Comanche Boy said. “Everything starts with the jab. Everything is about hitting the other guy and not getting hit."