Comanche ‘Bench-Press Warrior’ Toqua Ticeahkie Breaks World Record

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Indian Country Today

Toqua Ticeahkie is a bench-press warrior.

Ticeahkie, an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma, broke the record for heaviest weight lifted by bench press in one minute according to the World Record Academy.

He lifted 225 lbs. 58 times in a minute. In case you don’t feel like doing the math, that means Ticeahkie lifted a total of 13,050 lbs. in under 60 seconds.

"I have been working hard at this for a very long time,” Ticeahkie said in an email. “It has taken an extreme amount of work, energy, and effort to get to this juncture.”

A YouTube video shows Ticeahkie lifting the weights 58 times in front of a crowd of supporters. He lifts the bar effortlessly, almost 50 times in a row, and then pauses for a break, steadies himself on the bench, and lifts it eight more times.

"What can I say? When people are watching and cheering you on, like any lifter, I was pumped, excited, and I have to admit I was a little nervous because it's all on the line,” he told after his record setting lift.

He was the Guinness World Record holder in 2011, but his record has since been broken by Eamonn Keane of Ireland. Keane lifted 6,960 kg or 15,344 lbs. in under 60 seconds.

When he’s not training, Ticeahkie works as a fitness specialist for Indian Health Services in Red Mesa, Arizona where he lives with his wife Sharon, and their three kids. He’s in his first year as the head coach of the Red Mesa High School football team and runs a mental and physical toughness program called Strong Warriors for people of all ages.

Strong Warriors is not just a brand for Ticeahkie’s business, but it’s a lifestyle. One he lives by. On his website, he writes, “Strong Warriors are driven by something greater. We push ourselves beyond our limits, and we work harder than others because we carry the pride of our heritage through life.”

Ticeahkie played football at Warren High School in Downey, California, where he says he was the strongest player at his school. That recognition, although earned years ago, brought back a flutter of nostalgia.

"I have always been the strongest football player on every team that I have ever played on throughout my football career, but at least now I can say I am the strongest player in the world and that I have a world record," said Ticeahkie to World Academy of Records.

He played college football in California, Texas and at Southern Nazarene in Bethany, Oklahoma. When he was signed as a defensive lineman with the Arizona Adrenaline, a professional indoor football team in 2007, Ticeahkie told the Navajo-Hopi Observer that he was preparing for the future. “It’s a great opportunity,” he said. “Not just to prove myself at this level, but also to help get me ready for the next level."

Ticeahkie’s had a successful football career as well. Just a year before signing with the Adrenaline, he was named the Central League Defensive Player of the Year for the semi-pro team the Oklahoma Rebels. And he played for the Soboba Warriors on the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians Reservation in southern California.

In 2007, he was 6’2” 330lbs. Six years later, and now 33 years old, Ticeahkie can literally lift his own weight. But he’s still pushing for that next level.

“I was hoping to get 60 reps, but I am extremely pleased with my result of 58. Maybe next time I can break my own record; just got to train harder.” ??