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Comanche artists; works on display

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LAWTON, Okla. - The Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center in Lawton has on display ;'Numunuu Visions,'' an all-Comanche artist exhibit.

The exhibit showcases the works of seven Comanche artists in the media of paint, photography and beadwork. Featured artists include Doc Tate Nevaquaya, Rance Hood, Juanita Pahdopony and Josephine Wapp, among others.

''Our museum just opened last fall, so this is our inaugural show,'' said Nekole Alligood, curator. ''The exhibit features some of the finest traditional and contemporary Comanche art. It is filled with vibrant color and themes familiar to the Comanche culture. We are excited to present it to the public.''

The majority of the art is on loan from the Southern Plains Indian Museum in Anadarko and will be on display through Sept. 30.

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The museum is located at 701 NW Ferris Ave.