Colville Indian Reservation Declares State of Emergency After Severe Thunderstorms

The Colville Indian Reservation declared a state of emergency after severe thunderstorms ripped through and damaged homes, cut power and wreaked other havoc; it was the second reservation in as many weeks to declare a state of emergency due to natural phenomena.

The Colville Indian Reservation has declared a state of emergency following a severe thunderstorm that downed trees, caused landslides, closed roads and cut off power in the reservation’s four districts.

Okanogan and Ferry counties were among those affected, the tribe said in a statement on July 22. The Keller Community Center in Keller, Washington, has been designated as the official evacuation center and is the point of contact for those lacking electricity, water or displaced from their home.

“The center will provide meals, refrigerator truck storage (secure) for food items of families without electricity,” the tribe said. “Water will be available, as well as portable showers, portable toilets and hand washing units.”

The tribe is requesting state and federal assistance, NWCN News reported, adding that downed trees and power lines abounded all across the reservation.

This was the second reservation to declare a state of emergency. Santa Clara Pueblo in New Mexico did the same earlier this month after monsoon-style rains devastated topsoil that was unanchored by vegetation due to last year's Las Conchas fire.