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Columnist Mocks Opponents of NFL Redskins Name With Racist Cliches

[node:summary]Delaware Columnist Chris Freind Mocks Redskins Name Change Debate
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Chris Freind, a columnist with the Delaware County Daily Times, wrote a scathing column Wednesday about the debate over whether or not the Washington Redskins should change its name.

In his column, Freind facetiously and with disregard employs terms like “scalping” and “reservations” to punctuate his argument that the term ‘Redskins’ is beloved by many and detested by few.

He adds that the pro-Redskins chorus lacks a politician in D.C. who is “brave enough” to combat this “political correctness.”

“This is no time for peace pipes,” he wrote. “We must, without reservation, not just hold down the fort but go to war with those riding roughshod over hallowed American traditions — fighting the people who love nothing more than to chop away at things no one actually finds offensive. As with most issues though, we lack a political chief brave enough to tackle this type of political correctness. The biggest irony? If a leader painted this picture as the insanity that it is, it wouldn’t be his last stand, but a feather in his cap, because the vast majority of Americans recognize that using Indian names isn’t offensive, but complimentary.”

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