Columbus Day just another Monday

How could Columbus discover America when Native peoples were already living here? The historians used the word discover and put it in the history books to hide all the cruelty that was done. Congress must condone the viciousness by Columbus and his men by giving him a holiday. (Let’s tell school children how wonderful Columbus was).

I agree with Heritage Day. It should be placed on all calendars and appear on a two-hour PBS program.

J. Jennings asked what would Columbus think about Heritage Day? He wouldn’t want all those people who sacrificed their lives in the New World enterprise to be honored because he was the ruling factor by carrying out the queen’s (Christian) agenda by paying him a lot of money to do so. He would have no remorse.

We can’t escape our part. Once we know the truth, we must become stronger in our hearts and mind and keep the truth out there.

The only time I remember Columbus is seeing his holiday on the calendar and that I have to remember to set the trash bags out for pick-up. It’s just another Monday morning.

– Pat Denison

Cobleskill, N.Y.