Colo. State Sen. in Wreck, Kills Pregnant Texan


Democratic Colorado State Senator, Suzanne Williams -- the only registered American Indian state legislator -- was involved in car wreck north of Amarillo, Texas, that left a pregnant woman dead, and the baby alive in critical condition, reported the Associated Press.

Police reports state Sen. Williams veered in southbound traffic on U.S. 385, hitting the car of 30-year old Brianna Michelle Gomez. Gomez died from impact on the crash scene. Her unborn son was delivered via cesarean at the hospital and remains in critical condition.

The Senator’s son, Todd Williams, and her grandchildren are hospitalized, conditions unknown.

The 65-year-old State Senator is serving her second term. She garnered significant attention for demanding Colorado public schools retire their American Indian mascots unless they obtained permission from the Indian tribes, reported hispanicallyspeakingnews.com.

Texas trooper Gabriel Medrano said the accident remains under investigation. No charges have been filed. He said Sen. Williams will undergo questioning again, and the department has 30 days to complete the investigation.

"She doesn't remember what happened in the crash," Medrano said to The Houston Chronicle.

"I cannot express the horror, sadness and grief I feel for an accident that will change forever the lives of a young family," Williams said in a statement, reported The Houston Chronicle.