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Coeur d'Alene Tribe of Idaho


The Coeur d'Alene Casino Resort Hotel, set for a quiet opening in mid-December, still must add an arena and recreational vehicle park, but the $12 million project has already come a long way. "I wanted it to look like it belonged in Idaho and it belonged to a Native American tribe,'' said Dave Matheson, head of tribal gaming operations. "There's a lot of wood, a lot of stone, some of our geometric designs. Not overly rustic and not overly glitzy.'' Nancy Di Giammarco, marketing director at Silverwood theme park, said she sees a lot more tour operators bringing buses because of the hotel. The tribe is counting on that 92-room hotel to keep visitors in Worley. The casino also will feature a golf course built behind the casino complex. It should open in 2002. By that time, another 100 rooms will have been added to the hotel. "Three practice holes and a driving range will open next year,'' Matheson said. He expects a quiet opening for the hotel to take place around Dec. 15. That will allow time before a January grand opening to make sure that phones, plumbing, reservation systems and everything else works smoothly, he said. The tribe plans to hire about 30 people to work at the hotel.