Cocopah Tribe of Arizonaaz


The Yuma City Council terminated a contract allowing it to use a landfill on Cocopah Indian land. The 10-year-old Cocopah contract was not set to expire until September 2001, but tribal officials decided they wanted the landfill closed early to minimize closing costs. The city will now begin shipping garbage to the Copper Mountain landfill operated in eastern Yuma County by Waste Management Inc. The city will pay about $50,000 more in the 2000-2001 fiscal year budget than it currently does. Despite the immediate increase, Mayor Marilyn Young said the new arrangement will cost less in the long run because the price to use the landfill will not rise for the duration of the contract. "It will save the city a great deal of money," she said. "We negotiated a good price. It will be for 20 years."