Cocopah Tribe of Arizona


Yuma is ready to begin shipping its garbage to a landfill in the eastern part of the county as soon as the city can cancel a contract with the Nation. The city's contract to use the Cocopah Landfill runs until September 2001, but the tribal council decided it wanted the landfill closed early in order to minimize closing costs. Consequently, the city negotiated a 20-year contract with Waste Management Inc. to use a different landfill. It's only waiting now for the tribe to sign off on the cancellation. The tribe wants its attorneys to have more time to study the language of the contract, Tribal Resource Planner Paul Soto said. ?They just want to make sure that things balance out as we had talked about it," he said. ?It's nothing big that I can foresee." The new contract with Waste Management Inc. will not change Yuma's trash collection system, which is free for residents. It will cost the city about $50,000 more in the 2000-2001 fiscal year.