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Cocopah Tribe of Arizona

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The tribe is offering raises to its casino employees, hoping to jump-start the tribal economy. The minimum salary for employees who have worked for at least six months jumped to $10 an hour. The pay raise is still in its experimental stage, said Casino Manager Jerry Lane. But officials hope the raises will generate more employee leads and add to the Somerton, Ariz., tribe's economy. "The casino is here to assist the Cocopah Tribe grow and to support the community," Lane said. "People working here are going to spend that money they are making back into the community." One employee, 21-year-old Karlo Rivas, said he's already seen the benefit of the higher wages. The floor clerk had been unable to qualify for a home loan until the new wage kicked in. "Because of this raise I don't have to work a second job and I have time to go to school," he said.

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