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Cocopah Tribe of Arizona

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Former Cocopah tribal police officer Efrain Trigueras, 26, San Luis, and a passenger were arrested at the San Luis port of entry for allegedly trying to sneak a quarter-ton of marijuana across the border. Trigueras has been with the Somerton Police Department since April 1999. "I think one person's actions don't speak for the whole department," said Somerton Mayor Augustin Tumbaga. "We have a lot of officers who have been here a long time and really care about this community." A U.S. Customs spokesman said there was 554 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of the Volkswagen Jetta. Trigueras and Humberto Tiscareno, 26, made their initial appearances Aug. 20. Both were charged with importation of a controlled substance. Tumbaga said no matter how hard the police department checks backgrounds of potential officers, "You just don't know." Police Chief Terry Hollis said Trigueras passed all background checks and had done his job well since he was hired.

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