Cocopah Indian Tribe considers a second casino


The Cocopah Indian Tribe is considering eventually opening a second casino in the Yuma area.

"We haven't even solidified any plans or accepted any bids at this point," said Tribal Administrator Kermit Palmer.

The Cocopah Tribe currently operates a 40,000-square-foot casino with more than 300 slot and video-gaming machines.

Architect Frank Dumont, who has been working on the plans for the second casino, said the new one would be 85,000 square feet and would be appropriate for the Yuma market.

"It's going to be a brand new building, twice as big as the current one," Dumont said. "It will be very comfortable, have good food, a nice atmosphere and good entertainment."

Groundbreaking may happen in the next few months with the casino opening by late summer or early fall of 2003.

"If we are going to build, it will be within the next six months," said Cocopah Economic Development Director Paul Soto. "The decision hasn't been made yet."

Soto said that if the tribal council decides not to go any further with the casino, it would keep the plans for possible future use.