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CNN Special ‘Narco Wars’ Focuses on Central America as the Murder Capital of the World

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Mexico may be known for it’s drug trafficking and cartels, but in Central America there are countries known for their murder rates. Welcome to the most violent region on earth according to an October article at

Specifically, Honduras which is the current murder capital of the world according to a graph by The Washington Post.

On January 22, CNN will be airing a special report titled “Narco Wars,” that was filmed on the streets of Honduras and Guatemala, two countries that have a higher per-capita murder rate than Mexico in 2010, along with El Salvador, Belize and Panama – All Central America countries.

The special report focuses on these two countries because they have become the cocaine corridor for the United States where the majority of murders are connected to drugs and go unsolved.

The special will be premiering at 8 p.m. on CNN Presents.