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Clock ticking on Bush

Eight years of gross incompetence has led our country down a slippery slope. The Bush administration has given us nothing but ill effects. They sat by and watched the housing market fall apart, then did nothing to stop the bleeding. They waged a war based on lies and deceit. And more and more Americans are being denied basic health care, or are deliberately canceled while the insurance companies reap obscene profits.

We have no other choice than to pay the price for the only means we've been given to fuel our homes and cars. It shouldn't surprise us, given that our president is in bed with the oil companies that are robbing us blind while they, too, reap huge profits.

But worst of all is his refusal to acknowledge the devastating effects our dependence is having on the world as we know it. The experts are telling us that time is running out. We can all see that we are fast approaching the point of no return. We have the ability and the technology to turn the tide before it is too late. But that clock is ticking, people, and time is running out for all of us. Maybe it's time for a good man with the best of intentions to be elected to run this country; or, for that matter, a good woman.

- Judy Jennings

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Sonora, Calif.