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Cladoosby, Bailey re-elected at Swinomish

SWINOMISH, Wash. – Brian Cladoosby and Sophie Bailey were re-elected March 21 to the Swinomish Senate.

Cladoosby overcame a challenge from Dr. Wilbert James, who advocated Swinomish preference in hiring, and grants and loans to boost businesses owned by Swinomish citizens. Bailey was challenged by Darlene Peters, who advocated construction of an assisted living facility, dock improvements, a small-business center, and a sports complex.

Cladoosby wrote in the Swinomish news magazine “Kee Yoks” that the Swinomish people had “blessed me with the best job in the world, and I thank the Creator for my community’s vested commitment to a stable government.”

Cladoosby is the great-great-grandson of Kel-kahl-tsoot, who signed the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855. His priorities are a viable economy and increased job opportunities for Swinomish people; housing construction to meet a growing demand for homes; increased financial support and services for families; ensuring members have sound educational, health and social services; and protecting culture, rights and sovereignty.

Bailey, whose father, Chester Cayou, is also a senator, said her priorities are economic growth and self-sufficiency; education and well-being of children; programs for elders; and protecting and preserving environmental resources.

Richard Walker is a correspondent reporting from San Juan Island, Wash. Contact him at