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Circle of Nations School marks 100 years

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Medal of Honor recipient honored in ceremony

WAHPETON, N.D. (AP) - The Circle of Nations School, which serves more than 200 children from 30 tribal groups around the country, is marking its 100th anniversary.

A ceremony was held in May to dedicate a dormitory to the late Woodrow Wilson Keeble, a Korean War hero and Medal of Honor recipient from the area.

''We are so proud that this could be included as we symbolically end our first 100 years and begin our second hundred years,'' said Judy Roy, the school board president.

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Just as Keeble thought to keep his company safe in battle during the Korean War, ''We're all gathered to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our students, our young people,'' Roy said.

The Circle of Nations School began as the Wahpeton Indian School in 1908.

Keeble's stepson, Russell Hawkins, spoke of Keeble's heroic efforts in battle.

''He [Keeble] lived a good life, he died a good death and he left a good name behind,'' Hawkins told the students. ''You don't have to take out three bunkers to leave a good name behind.''

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