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Choose Love Not Hate: Bacone College Celebrates Martin Luther King’s Message

Bacone College students, faculty and community leaders came together to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and to remember his message.

Bacone College students, faculty and community leaders came together Monday, January 19 to not only celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but to remind one another of his message of choosing love, not hatred.

Bacone President Frank Willis talked about his experiences as a young man during Dr. King’s days of civil rights activism, and how Bacone students are blessed today to be able to learn together as a diverse group, thanks to the courage shown by Dr. King.

Muskogee, Oklahoma Mayor Bob Coburn acknowledged the death of former Bacone College student Terence Walker on Saturday, which raised concern in the city after the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri—but also brought the community together after city leaders and ministers called for peace and understanding during the investigation into Walker’s death.

With gratefulness for the ability to worship together today, the diverse Bacone community celebrated with several guest speakers, special music and dance.

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Pastor Ron Venters of the Christ Kingdom Builders Church delivered “Where We’ve Come, to Where We Are.” Apostle Lathan Archie of Faith Deliverance Christian Center delivered “Where We Are, to Where We’re Going.”

Pastor Kelly Payne of Timothy Baptist Church delivered “Unity in the Community,” and Bacone student Curtis “L.C.” Brown honored Dr. King by reciting “The Letters from Birmingham Jail” and “A Knock at Midnight.”

Praise Dancers Tianna Arceneux and Kameilla Weatherall performed a moving dance tribute to “For Your Glory” by Bishop Paul Morton.

Bacone College, in Muskogee, Oklahoma, is an independent institution related to the American Baptist Churches, USA, which maintains its commitment to serving American Indians within a culturally diverse community. The college, through its baccalaureate and associate degree programs, challenges students to develop intellectual and social skills, spiritual values and healthy lifestyles by providing quality education in a nurturing Christian environment.