Choctaw Nation Cultivates Future Leaders

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has started an educational institution for its employees to gain useful job skills.

A partnership between the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and Southeastern Oklahoma State University aims to cultivate future tribal leaders.

Choctaw University launched January 26 with 100 people signed up in one of the two development series—Leadership and Continuing Education.

According to a press release, participating Choctaw Nation employees will “receive superior professional development training, build knowledge, and improve their skills to be more efficient and productive leaders.”

Some of the classes offered by Choctaw University will be eligible for college credit as well.

“We are enabling our associates to grow into positions across our many business enterprises while helping them complete their college education,” Tana Sanders, director of Learning and Development, said in the release.

Cultivating leaders from within the Choctaw Nation goes hand in hand with Chief Greg Pyle’s vision for sustaining the tribe.

“Our main goal is to identify the leaders of the tribe who will be included in the succession plan that will lead the tribe throughout the next century,” said Jack Hendrick, a curriculum designer and instructor.