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Choctaw land plight

This letter is regarding the Choctaw Nation of Florida, our recognition and tribal lands, interest and compensation.

We want to make certain that our interest in these lands east of the Mississippi are accounted in Florida. These lands were allotted to our ancestors and their descendents while they inhabited them.

The federal government used this allotment process to give illegal acquisition to the State of Florida, without our ancestors’ consent. They waited until our ancestors passed away to begin taking land out of trust and putting it into eminent domain. For many years we have made claims to be recognized as the descendents of our ancestors and to have the land returned. There are statutes and laws which guarantee compensation to the Choctaw people in Florida by way of the Choctaw Citizen Litigation.

To date, they move slowly to give the recognition, so they would not have to compensate by law.

Our ancestors have inhabited these lands for more than 65 million years. Many do not know of our long history because the federal government wants to limit our people to the Choctaw U.S. Treaty of 1786. However, there are other treaties internationally with Spain and Great Britain before the U.S.

Needless to say we have been severely oppressed and assimilated by colonization, but not all.

Robert Jackson

Vice Chairman, Choctaw Nation of Florida

Marianna, Fla.