China's Online Gaming Revenue Expected to Hit $11 Billion in 2013


As mobile games rapidly penetrate the smartphone market, China's online gaming industry is expected to reach 68.5 billion yuan, or $11 billion, in 2013.

The Beijing-based research company Analysys International released the estimate in a report on December 28, reported chinadaily.com.

China's mobile gaming industry has tapped more than half of the nation's smartphone users and it is set for fast growth.

"The [mobile games] sector is expected to maintain a 50 percent annual growth rate over the next three years," said Xue Yongfeng, a researcher for Analysys International.

The browser games sector, which contributed less than 8 billion juan in 2012, is expected to slow over the next three years generating about 17 billion yuan in annual revenue by 2015.

China's major online gaming enterprises recently revealed seven major trends in the industry at ChinaJoy, the nation's largest interactive entertainment exhibition.

1. 3D online gaming products are a must;

2. Innovation of business model will be accelerated by media-oriented progress and new charging modes;

3. The sales revenue and user base will continue to expand, while the growth rate of its output value will slow down;

4. The number of cross-boundary cooperation cases is on the rise;

5. Overseas expansion will see new achievements;

6. Companies from China's traditional industries will seek access to the online game market through merger and strategic investment;

7. China's state-owned enterprises will seek access to the online game market through cooperation.