Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma


Some members say wait a minute to talk of moving tribal headquarters and establishing a new Capitol. Tribal Gov. Bill Anoatubby recently announced the Nation's plans to build a Capitol and welcomed bids from five communities. Ada, Ardmore, Davis, Sulphur and Tishomingo. "The Chickasaw people have never been asked if they want this new building,'' said former tribal Lt. Gov. David Brown. "I have not had a voice," said Robert Cheadle, an attorney who is a Chickasaw tribal member. "I would hope this would be the will of the people.'' Chickasaw legislator Mooniene Ogee of Ada said discussions about a new Capitol must have been in private. "Because all I know is all of a sudden one day we're building a new Capitol. Now the people are coming back to us saying, ?If a new Capitol is built, how will our needs be met?''' Ogee said it's not uncommon to see Chickasaw elders who can't have their medical prescriptions filled by the nation's clinics. "Usually, they end up sacrificing in other areas such as their food ?. Anoatubby said they're renting rooms all the time,'' Ogee said. "Well, with whatever we spend for a new Capitol building, I'm sure we could rent a lot of rooms for a very, very long time."