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Chickasaw Nation Announces General Election Results

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On July 31 the Rita Loder, Chickasaw Nation Election Secretary announced the results of the Nation’s general election as four legislators and one justice will retain their seats according to a Chickasaw Nation press release.

Toby Perkins and David Woerz, incumbent legislators, were both reelected with more than 1,000 votes each over their respective challengers. Challenger Scott Wood defeated incumbent D. Scott Colbert with by a little more than 300 votes. Nancy Elliot and Shana Tate Hammond both were reelected as they ran unopposed according to the release.

Barbara Ann Smith retained her seat as Supreme Court Justice, running unopposed.

All elected officials will be sworn in on October 1.

The following is a breakdown of the votes:


Pontotoc District Seat 1

Toby Perkins - 2,344 votes – 75.42% - winner

Matthew Scott Gore, Esq. 764 votes – 24.58%

Pickens District Seat 1

David Woerz - 1,596 votes – 75.18% - winner

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Mike Watson 527 votes – 24.82%

Tishomingo District Seat 1

Scott Wood – 1,059 votes – 59.80% - winner

D. Scott Colbert 712 votes – 40.20%

Pontotoc District Seat 2

Nancy Elliott – Unopposed

Pickens District Seat 4

Shana Tate Hammond- Unopposed


Supreme Court Seat 2

Barbara Ann Smith – unopposed